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St Joseph Parish
507 Main St.
Black River Falls, WI 54615
Phone: (715) 284-5613
A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of LaCrosse WI

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Mass Times

Saturday 4:30pm
Sunday 8:00am summer (May-Sep)
            10:00am winter(Oct.-Apr.)
Tuesday - Friday 8:30am

Confession: Saturday 4:00pm
or by appointment

Jun 13-16 - Vacation Bible School
July 26 - Annual Golf Tournament
Aug   8 - Assumption Holyday
Aug 28 - Mass & Picnic at Lost Falls Campground
Nov   1 - All Saints Day: Mass at 8am & 7pm
Nov 19 - Deer Hunter`s Masses: Sat at 4:30pm and 7:00pm
Dec   3 - PCCW Christmas Bazaar Dec 11 - First Penance (Gr 2)
Dec   8 - Imm Conc Holyday
Dec 24 - Christmas Eve: Mass at 4:30pm
Dec 25 - Christmas Day: Mass at 10:00am
Dec 31 - Holy Family Eve: NO MASS TODAY 

WE BELIEVE that life in our congregation is centered in the Eucharist, especially each weekend.  The altar is the focal point of our worship.  Here we celebrate who we are, renew our commitment to Jesus, who we believe is present and active in our midst, and listen again to that word which is "Good News".  It is a Word that is at once revealing and life-giving; a Word that calls us and, at the same time, enables us to become loving persons.  We will celebrate with dignity and quality the presence of the Divine in each sacrament, as well as in the devotional life of the parish.  

WE BELIEVE in people-that people generally are good and try to do the best they can.

WE BELIEVE that authority in a parish is a call to serve.

WE BELIEVE in religious education and formation for the total congregation.

WE BELIEVE that, as a congregation, we are responsible to the larger community we live in, and  ultimately, to people everywhere.  As individuals and collectively, we need to listen to the Spirit who calls us to share our money, our services, and our buildings in a spirit of genuine ourtreach and service.




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